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In an effort to provide families the most accurate and up-to-date information possible in a timely manner, the district has put together a team of professionals to develop the following system.  For families with bus information in PowerSchool, we encourage you to double check this information using the following steps.  For families who have requested transportation and have no information in PowerSchool, we ask that you complete the following steps to identify your child’s bus and bus stop information. 

During the first two weeks of school we ask that you please provide transportation systems a grace period of +/- 10 minutes as students, families and drivers work to navigate routes, drop-offs, pick-ups and neighborhood traffic.  Please also keep in mind that during the first two weeks of school, drivers maintain bus manifests to document the number of students on each route.  Based on these manifests, transportation works to adjust routes for efficiency which may adjust bus stop times. 

*STOPS and ROUTES below are updated as of 08.22.2022

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